Saloon hours: 17:00 - 05:00

Erotic massage salon bar


The erotic massage salon Cherry Dolls offers you a professional bar, with a selection of alcoholic and refreshing drinks.

Free drinks

At each massage session, clients benefit from a free drink from the dedicated bar list. Out of respect for your privacy, the bar is intended exclusively for clients who also use the massage services we offer.

Drinks can be served in the bar area, with a capacity of 15-20 people, or in any other area of the location, namely the reception areas or the massage rooms.

Since we have a spacious location, clients who come for a massage can first relax in the lounge area, serving a juice, a coffee, a beer or even a bottle of wine, having the opportunity to get comfortable with the salon and get to know our masseuses better, who will keep them company all this time.

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